Sparkling Wine Bucket

We hope you like bubbles; A glass of sparkling wine is a great way to celebrate a special occasion like this holiday! If you are thinking about sharing a glass of good wine while resting near the pool or lying under the gazebo just let us know. We will bring it for you, serve it properly chilled with some snack.

Italian Prosecco

price: IDR 1000K

We will select among several original D.O.C. available brands.

French Champagne

price: IDR 2250K

Veuve Clicquot or Moët Chandon

This service includes:

  • French Champagne or Italian D.O.C. Prosecco bottle (upon your preference).
  • Olives, peanuts or some other little local snacks.
  • A bucket full of ice to keep your wine always at the best serving temperature.

Photo: Alberto Cipriani, Brian Smeets

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